Learn about oral hygiene to train as a dental assistant with this diploma course that guides you through their medical and administrative responsibilities.


Los Angeles, United States of America. Dental Assistant is a one-semester, full-time program.

00 (Dental Assistants) Quarter Credits: 55.

Dental Assistant program classes are offered at our Madison Truax campus.

. While requirements vary by state, it is common to require the following to become an RDA: completion of an accredited dental assistant program, completion of a minimum number of work hours, certification in CPR, and passing of a practical and written exam. The program focuses on the development of both technical and professional proficiency.

Total Hours: 820.

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Dental Assistant program classes are offered at our Madison Truax campus.

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The program provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in pre-clinical dental assisting, dental science, radiology, dental management, and much more.

Entry-level positions start at $81,515, while more experienced dental hygienists earn up to $122,850 per year.

A high school diploma or GED is required, but.

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. . . In choosing between these options, you’ll want to consider. Outside Hours: N/A.

Dental assistant programs are usually available through a local vocational school or community college.

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Year end date.

Program Length in Weeks: 38*.

Dental assistant as a career is much in demand, and UEI College prepares you for this career with much aplomb.

Create dental radiographs and images.

The Diploma in Dental Assisting is a 47-credit program which prepares you for a career as a.