Recirculating Hot Water Systems.

Loosen the cartridge and turn on the hot water.

Step 1: Repair any supply piping or drain leaks found by visual inspection. .

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Gas Leak. . Water that’s too warm can actually break down the solution, so even if you think it’s overall better for germ-busting to turn the tap on hot, just let the bleach handle.


. If the burner ignites, replace the cover and reset the temperature. Freezing can cause the inner parts to stop working properly.

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Twist the dial on the bottom of the water heater to change the temperature.

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The hot water outlet pipe also has a valve that will shut down all hot water leaving the water heater. To do this, fill a bucket with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution.

. Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater by switching it to the “off” position.

Go inside and close the water valve by turning it clockwise or switching the lever perpendicular to the pipe.

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When you open the drain tap, cold water will continue to enter the tank — remember, the feed is still open. Turn the faucets off after they have stopped. .

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Step 2.

. Closing the water.



Checking every shower, sink, and toilet for low pressure.

Turn off the power and cold water supply, drop in a submersible pump and circulate the water through the flush valves on the water heater for about an hour and a half.

Turn the main water valve on.